Day Porter

Express Steam Cleaning & Sweeping Porter Services accommodates the needs of every property whether if it's shopping mall, office building, apartment complex, or another kind of commercial property. Our porters are well trained, equipped, and experienced. As the manager of a small or large facility,  we understand how important it is to maintain a professional appearance while preserving proper sanitation facility-wide. Our professional day porter cleaning technicians are fully trained on all of the latest standards within our industry. We also require our cleaning professionals to go through frequent and consistent re-training to ensure all of our cleaning remains up to date and standardized across the board. Our professional day porter services can be customized to suit your needs:

  • Dumpster clean-up and maintenance
  • Changing sand in ash burn
  • Replacing all trash liners.
  • Change and re-line trash receptacles
  • Pick up trash enclosures 
  • Gum Removal
  • Graffiti removal (minor)
  • Wipe trash can lids
  • Hand pick debris from planters
  • Dust window mullions and clean windows
  • Spot clean hallways
  • Removal of any materials that are not approved by Property Management.

Your personal day porter cleaning professionals will get to know your property inside and out, and they will bring our advanced cleaning systems with them. We address the regularly occurring cleaning issues that frequently arise without you even having to give them a thought. This will ensure your property remains meticulously clean and thoroughly sanitized all day long. And if we come across any larger issues such as graffiti, we will promptly inform you of the issue, and propose an economical and timely solution.

We Manage Maintenance So You Don’t Have To!

We know our clients expect us to fix problems ASAP. Our success is based on our clients’ trust that we will respond quickly and find a solution to the problem. The goal of Express Steam Cleaning & Sweeping is to MAXIMIZE the appearance of our clients’ properties and MINIMIZE the time our clients have to deal with property maintenance issues.

We Look Forward to Bringing You The Services You Deserve and Being Your Property Maintenance Providers!